September 10, 2010

Why are polka dots so hot in Hollywood?

          Being a fashion icon or trendsetter is a lot easier now days than it was back in the 1960s, 70s or 80s. Back in those days fashion was a primary focus, but the norms revolved around what our parents expected or told us to wear. 

Now in our rebellious and unique ways of expressing fashion we are always taking a new twist on the clothing that was popular back in the days of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna and the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. These are just a few of the fashion icons that inspire some of the Hollywood stars, actresses/actors, models and even “local celebrities” here on campus. We all tend to either imitate or try to set our own trend in our time period with the assistance of people that we look up to or admire for their fashion sense. 

          This spring is like no other. The one trend that most people thought was done and over is back, looking better than ever. No more dark colors ladies and gentlemen, spring is here and the bright and bold colors of new prints and accessories are first on the list to buy. So, save your pennies and sail out to your local malls, shopping centers or thrift stores to find the latest trend.

          This spring, polka dots are so popular and accessible to almost anybody and any budget. You can mix retro with fashion or fun with punk. This spring you will still be looking savvy in your polka dot attire from head to toe. From head bands, scarves, dresses, rain coats, belts and rain boots. As a new season begins and the winter clothing is retired, lighter and brighter clothing and sandals is a must have on the list to being “fashionably correct.” Making an appearance is one thing, but standing out is something we all should be striving for. So, when you’re looking for what’s hot this spring look in stores for the retro, twisted polka dots because they are Hollywood’s best choice.
          Most of Hollywood’s “best” are acquiring these looks for spring. People like Penelope Cruz, Sara Jessica Parker, Ashlee Simpson and “American Idol” star Kelly Clarkson are good examples. This look is best when worn during the day as opposed to night and when it is expressed through different avenues of apparel and shoes. Some places you can find these pieces are at Forever 21, Banana Republic, Express, Nordstrom and even Target.


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